Pablo Torres Violante



Ciudad Victora, Mexico

Be a prolific writer
almost all day long, be the best defence in a soccer team.

Favourite movie:
The Fountain, PI & Dark Night Returns

Favourite genre of music:

Favorite artist:
Hugh Jackman and Natalie Portman (mami!)

Formal writer since 2004 and so far he has written 4 short indie films, this films can be seen on line, also in his development as as writer he has 5 stories and one of them was selected to be published by a book from Mexico DF, and the rest published in various Virtual magazines, he has participated in numerous web comics and blogs as a writer and columnist.

In his recent achievement he is the film critic and hots of the on line show "Mundo films" via VGA.TV

In 2012 develops along Miguel Mar, Hurricane a detective comic based in the story of Martuk a policeman-detective in the search of the culpable of a terrible murder that will change the path of the whole city. in collaboration with Alfonso Espinos, Miguel has become more confident in the development of his artists skills.

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