Ignacio Garcia



Leon Guanajuato, Mexico

Skills:Graphic Designer, Illustrator, And comic book creator.

Favourite movie:

Zatoichi (¨beat¨takeshi kitano) // A Clockwork Orange

Favourite genre of music:
alternative rock  // british rock

Favourite artist:
Thomas Edward Yorke 

Create independent comic since 2000 as a part of the mixomattosis comics  team, he won a couple of contests as a zine Creator, and collaborated in magazines like "mundo del Arte" and "inquietud nueva", in 2010 participated in a exhibition as part of the Mexican revolution and independence with a Zine named "Alvino el Manco Garcia ¨ a local hero of the independence of Mexico, he had  created several mascots for different companies and agencies like "EDUCAFIN", "Caja polular Alianza", "nopalitos Valtierrilla", "ozone", Acumuladores LTH" among others. In 2012 begins  the title Perdu Cirque along with Alfonso Espinos and  Hector Mendiola.

Contact Ignacio Garcia at: ignacio.garcia@studiocomix.com