Studiocomix Press was created in 1999 in order to find a closer bond of participation and communication within the Mexican comic Book creators.

Back on 2001 and after two years of gathering material from independent authors, the studiocomix board organized the "Camelot Awards" to recognize the best of the Mexican Indie Comic Culture, bringing together figures such as Francisco Jiménez Editor of Vid and cartoonist Sixto Valencia artist of Memin, the same year Studiocomix Press is consolidated as an indie press with the sole purpose to entertain, the first and only title published at the time was The Night Spike a super hero comedy featuring the daily lives of Spike and Bell living in a world of wacky situations.

The main characters Puatman (Spike) and Cascabell (Bell) will lead you to the most crazy adventures in their daily basis through Steel City and carry on the constant battle against their archenemy Dr. Vex.

In the following years Studiocomix Press publications were presented in the forums and conventions dedicated to comic books around the country, after 6 printed numbers and a stage of re adjustment Studiocomix Press returns in 2006 with the The Night Spike, with new adventures and new super villains.

In 2008 Studiocomix Press recruits their second project called All Jack City, under the creation of Carlos Bernal, the story of characters from the past who fought the most incredible adventures to save not only but themselves. All Jack City, a comic book in retrospective.

For 2009 the continuity of publishing the titles was a key to participate in presentations, exhibitions around Mexico and Canada including shows like Comicon, Fan Expo Canada, La Mole ComicCon and much more, another achievement is the nomination for the Joe Shuster Awards in 2009.

Already in 2010 Studiocomix Press develop their third project called 2010, under the authorship of Jorge Alberto Robles and Alfonso Espinos, which is the story of a parent in an apocalyptic future where the main purpose is to survive at any cost, futuristic science fiction story that leaves you enthralled with each page.

By the end of the year and in the look to expand to a different audiences Studiocomix Press  recruit and publish The Six Faces Of a Dice under the writing authorship of Juan Sepulveda and and art of various creators, the main focus of the six faces of a dice is to demonstrate 6 different aspects of the human being and their reaction when something unexpected happens, thrilling, unique, but intense in every issue.

At the last semester of 2012 two more projects are added to the Studiocomix Press titles  Perdu Cirque and amazing story never told about the most bizarre monsters ever known, creation of Ignacio Garcia and Alfonso Espinos and  detective story named Hurricane created by Pablo Torres Violante and illustrated bu Miguel Mar.

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