Alfonso Espinos

Chief Editor


Kitchener Ontario, Canada

High levels of customer service training, business writing and management, writer and artist of The Night Spike, video and audio specialist, media resources and editing.

Favourite movie:
Trainspotting & Across the Universe.

Favourite genre of music:
Techno, Lounge and a small Portion of POP

Favourite artist:
Bruce Willis (yipikaiyee...)

Canadian Creative Director, Chief Editor and illustrator, at a young age he develop strong interest in the sequential art better known as comic books (also known as Historietas), this hobby support his imagination, creativity and opportunities so in 1996 and at a young age Alfonso begins printing his graphic work in local newspapers and magazines, this same year become part of the creative team of Lulu Comics, this small publisher give him the chance to present his own creations such as "Vardoger" "Super John" and " The Night Spike"

In the following years he presented his artwork in various comic book events and participate as freelance for magazines such as "La Pinga" , "Crónica Policíaca", "Info-lleto" and "Vida Latina".

He also become founder of Small Press's such as A.C. Comics and Fanzine Comics, but wasn't until 2001 when he funds Studiocomix Press where he has become the project's chief editor and manager.

Since then he keeps publishing The Night Spike an ongoing series featuring two super heroes with really bad luck,  he has provided lectures regarding the comic book story an develop for various universities like UCI, UAM and CNEPT  as well rotary clubs, in the last few years he has participated as an exhibitor in events like ComiCon and Fan Expo Canada, and organized the Cambridge Comic Arts Festival in conjunction with the Cambridge Libraries and Galleries. 

As part of his personal achievements in 2008 wins the "Cobachaward" for Character of the year and in 2009 was nominated for the "Joe Shuster Awards"in the category of Independent Canadian Comic, for 2010 he was invited to participate in the creation of the Stan Lee Foundation Logo.

Currently he lives in Kitchener Waterloo where he manages Studiocomix Press.

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