Juan Sepulveda Sanchis



Valencia, Spain

Super active and creative 

 Favourite movie: 
Lost!! It's not a move, but this Tv series Rock! 

Favourite genre of music: 
Rock Pop

Favourite artist:
Not a specific one!

Bachelor in Electrical Engineering from the University of Valencia. MA in Spanish literature from the University Complutense of Madrid. He has worked in various technology companies during the past five years. At present, in a more scientific area, he works as researcher in a European project. Despite his technical background he has combined his work with creative writing and now we have his first publication released. "The six faces of a dice" is a comic adaptation of a set of intriguing stories that he originally wrote as a short stories book.

contact Juan Sepulveda Sanchis at: juan.sepulveda@studiocomix.com